Capitello Wines 2017
Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand

The first release of our very popular New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was the 2006 vintage.  Since then, this wine has become one of our most sought after whites in our tasting room and throughout the U.S.!

Marlborough Region

Surrounded by the Kaikoura Range mountains, Marlborough is one of the driest and sunniest areas in New Zealand.  Located at the top of the south island, it is a very unique microclimate.  With little to no ozone layer above the southern hemisphere due to  northern hemishere pollution and global warming, the intense UVA and UVB light that penetrates through is readily absorbed by the grapes in the region, resulting in intense flavors that have come to define the style with bold and aromatic wines that are produced here.  The town of Blenheim, located in the Wairau Valley, is where we produce our New Zealand wines.  The area follows along the Wairau River which leads out to the jaw dropping majestic Marlborough sounds and onto the South Pacific ocean.   


Our single vineyard  Sauvignon Blanc  is hand picked (not machine harvested) from the family vineyard in Blenheim, New Zealand, Ray’s native homeland.  Soil is predominantly Greywacke rock and Loess clay.

Vintage 2017

There are a number of distinguishing characteristics about this vintage, with the first being that it was one of our latest starts to date. Harvest started the 3rd week of March.  Temperatures were mild but we kept waiting on brix levels to be just at the desired level to pick.  March sunshine had been a bit less than previous vintages which slowed the process of photosynthesis, thus ripening was delayed.  We harvested at slightly lower Brix than usual to make sure that the fruit was clean and aromatic rather than leaving it out to go through the tail ends of both Cyclones Debbie and Cook.  We hurried about bringing in approximately 85% of the harvest in a relatively short period so there were a few long days and nights.   The result is a leaner, brighter Sauvignon Blanc! 

Winemaking Notes

This wine offers up fragrant notes of lychee, lemongrass & passionfruit , but the green flavors of green/jalapeno pepper explode in the mouth on your first taste.  Wine was aged 5-6 months in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling in August 2017. This New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is  crisp  & refreshing!  This is a very unique Sauvignon Blanc!

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